*This Event is Cancelled*

*Please note that all agenda timings are Eastern Time. For PDT time, please download the full program here. 

9:30 am The demand for OSP in 2020 and Beyond

  • Ken Sanderson Executive Director, Broadband Communications North


  • Understand the new Federal initiatives driving demand for rural Fiber Deployment
  • Learn about the demand for small cell and 5G Networks
  • Hear about municipalities who are procuring network directly through P3 agreements

9:45 am Accelerating OSP Deployment to meet demand

  • Patrick Sims Principal Solutions Architect, Lightcore Group


  • Hear case studies in the latest deployments utilizing new deployment techniques
  • Understand how best to use Micro-Trenching to speed up deployment
  • Using new trenching methods to speed up the excavation process

10:10 am The roadmap to increasing speed in urban deployments


  • Understand how to improve the speed of deployments in urban areas
  • Learn how to optimize techniques such as Horizontal Boring which have been effective in accelerating deployment
  • Get ideas on how to minimize infrastructure impact to reduce repair times

10:30 am Improving the speed of buried deployments to successfully deliver rural broadband programs


  • Learn how to utilize vibratory ploughing for increased speed on buried deployments
  • Utilize a Rockwheel for efficiency across tough to excavate rocky environments
  • Understand multiple types of conduit which can help you accelerate your buried deployments

10:50 am Group Speaker Q&A

11:05 am Interactive 1-2-1 Networking

11:25 am The next generation of GIS technology


  • Hear more about emerging GIS Technologies which can help improve your OSP Design
  • Utilize digital mapping to help accelerate planning and design
  • Understand how to integrate effectively across multiple platforms

11:40 am Adapting for multi-terrain and all-weather conditions

  • Peter Mcleod Director of Operations, National Fiber Solutions


  • Learn how to best navigate seasonal differences in surface strength for swift project delivery
  • Develop a multi-surface toolkit to navigate rural terrains effectively
  • Improve your methods for all weather construction to minimize project down time

12:00 pm Improving OSP project estimation


  • Avoid project overruns and costly delays through improved estimation and forecasting
  • Hear advanced estimation methods for increased accuracy
  • Better asses terrain to improve on-site preparedness

12:20 pm Group Speaker Q&A

12:40 pm PANEL: Bridging the technological and workforce gap


  • Create robust internal structures allowing for the stewardship of new team members
  • Ensure the constructability of projects through increased integration between engineering and construction
  • Effectively integrate young engineers into your workforce through dedicated onboarding programs for long term profitability

1:15 pm Digital Networking Lunch

2:00 pm Boosting on-site safety through collaboration and best practice, group discussion


  • Discuss how to effectively manage a regional workforce in a post-Covid world to ensure workforce safety
  • Get insight on which technologies can help tackle unknown risks in underground drilling and deployments
  • Create effective local alliances and planning measures to successfully navigate risky urban environments

2:40 pm Improving your constructability process to avoid on-site delays


  • Better collaborate between OSP design and construction to ensure constructability
  • Build best practice into design to avoid delays
  • Make your communications more robust to ensure clarity

3:10 pm Optimizing your cable choice, protection versus speed


  • Utiliize Duct Fiber
  • HDPR Conduit vs unarmoured cabling
  • Balanced increased fiber count with the need for project protection

3:30 pm Design Build with OSP

  • Peter Mcleod Director of Operations, National Fiber Solutions


  • Utilize Design Build in OSP to avoid failed constructability assessments
  • Work with networks to overcome impossible briefs
  • Utilize DB to deliver projects on time and under budget

3:50 pm Utilizing Big Data in project planning and deployment

  • Terry Hendrick Civil and Architectural Engineering Project Manager, B+T Group


  • Integrate increased data into planning for more accurate forecasting
  • Improve the speed of deployments by equipping on-site teams with data
  • Better measure network performance to optimize future O&M

4:10 pm 1-2-1 Networking

4:30 pm Planning maintenance scheduling across multi age networks


  • Understand how effectively manage ancient copper networks alongside new Fiber deployments
  • Effectively price the long term need for maintenance into contracts
  • Build facility accountability to avoid unanswered delays

4:50 pm A collaborative approach to planning with municipalities


  • Utilize P3 agreements to get community buy-in from the start of a project
  • Effectively communicate early on in the project to build a personal presence with local officials
  • Overcome boundary disputes through early communications

5:20 pm Accelerating 5G and Small Cell site deployment


  • Understand how to better manage the itinerary of specialist materials required for 5G deployment
  • Optimize your teams capabilities for the upcoming project boom
  • Overcome community and regulatory concerns

5:45 pm The future of OSP, overcoming the labour shortage as demand grows


  • Enhance your training and recruitment policies to deliver a high-quality workforce
  • Better integrate tech deployments organization wide for workforce cohesion
  • Overcome the engineering to construction disconnect and improve workforce communication

6:10 pm End of Conference