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Advancing OSP Engineering & Construction

Accelerate your network deployment by upgrading your OSP design, planning and construction processes

Introducing the only OSP dedicated conference giving you detailed insights on how to accelerate your network deployment to meet increased demand and deliver ahead of time and under budget.

With a huge boom in demand for high speed networks driven by Federal Government, commercial network deployments and community funded Fiber deployments now is the time to upgrade your deployment capabilities to take advantage of the new opportunities.

At the meeting you will get insights on topics such as:

Advancing OSP Engineering & Construction Favicon
Advancing OSP Engineering & Construction Favicon
Advancing OSP Engineering & Construction Favicon
Advancing OSP Engineering & Construction Favicon

Content covering both aerial, underground, and buried deployments helping you optimize both your rural and urban deployments

Improving project planning to accelerating your route to project payment milestones

Construction techniques such as micro-trenching, directional boring and trenchless excavation which can help you increase the speed of your Fiber deployment

Dedicated OSP Design panels helping to improve project constructability utilizing technologies such as LIDAR, Drones, 3D Cameras and Ground Penetrating Radar

Join the Advancing OSP Engineering & Construction to network with a dedicated community of OSP professionals to upgrade your entire OSP timeline including data collection, planning, permitting, design and construction.

This online experience will include live Q&A with speakers, audience video discussions, a virtual exhibition and the ability to privately message and setup calls through the live attendee list.

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“The presenters and panel members were informative and knowledgeable. The organization of the conference was top notch and flowed nicely. Overall a great conference and wonderful learning environment” The Boldt Company

“Comfortable, professional, and educational learning from peers and industry leaders about new and advancing
construction methods” Aldridge Electric Inc.

“It was great to spend time with like-minded peers that want to further the industry” Preconstruction Manager, Knutson Construction